Want to embed My fTelnet on your own website? Just fill in the boxes below, and at the bottom of the page you'll be given two options for embedding.

For additional usage options, you can also check out https://www.ftelnet.ca (check the Downloads page).

NOTE: This version of the embed wizard has been replaced by the v2 Embed Wizard. While this one still works, it will not receive updates for future fTelnet enhancements, and so you are strongly urged to use the new wizard instead.
    (sample file)
    (sample file)

First off, test your settings

Click here to test your settings in a new tab/window

Next, get your customized embed code

NOTE: The old iframe-based embed method has been deprecated in favour of the above pure-javascript based embed method. The main reason for this is because if my server goes offline (ie reboots for patches), the CDN I use will continue to serve the required .js and .css files for you, but with the iframe method that doesn't happen and the embed client goes offline when I reboot my server. That said, if you really need the iframe method for some reason, you can click here to display it.

Lastly, use it

Just copy/paste the snippet for the embed method of your choice into the position where you would like fTelnet to appear on your webpage